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Step by Step Guide to THC E Juice

Step One

Weigh out your shatter/concentrate, You are going to want to take into account how strong you want to make it. I suggest 2ML liquidizer for every 1 gram concentrate. However you can use more or less depending on how potent you want it. For this Guide i will be using 2ML  for .4g of ISOHASH/concentrate because it's for an older family member who has a very low tolerance and wanted to try it with all the positive news coverage for joint pain and such. 

Step Two

Put your concentrate/isohash/shatter into the bottom of the shot glass

Step Three

now draw up 2ML of your concentrate suspension mixture with a 15gauge 5ml blunt end syringe , I make my own but I won't be explaining how to do that because its dangerous(we are sold out). I highly suggest purchasing some CJmix here or some other already premade suspension like Wax liquidizer. I Would be willing to sell my own but I make limited amounts. Just drop me a message down below. (sold out, buy CJmix here or some other suspension liquid such as wax liquidizer.

Step Four

now squirt the suspension liquid into the shotglass you put your concentrate in earlyer

Step Five

Pour water up to the line where the shotglass's components meet the waterline in the pan. 

Step Six

if you have not already, place your shotglass into your pan of water and bring the heat up to about 100F, thats low for most household stovetops. do not stir yet. This is a vital process to keep from burning off the terps, let it slowly climb to 100F on low for 10 minutes. 

need ad blocker off to see the amazon links to what i used

Part 2, the heating and stiring

Step Seven

Turn the heat up a bit and bring the heat up 40F more to 140F. Remember when taking temperatures do not touch the pan you only want to be in the water or else you are going to get a false reading. 

Step Eight

Once your temp has hit 140F it's time to stir... and stir. trying to break up the bigger pieces into smaller ones as they merge into the suspension solution faster and that means less heat less terp loss.keep Stiring until there is nothing left but a nice syrup. 

Step Nine

When there is nothing left but the thc e-juice suck it up into your syringe. Don't go shooting it into a tank just yet let it cool. watch to see if it seperates (it won't if you did it right). 

Step Ten, Bon Appetit

I used to use a pro tank mini 3 but find that after half a tank the coil is gunked up,  i did a bit of reading and found out disposable ccell wickless cartridges are much better to use, i orderd these, you can get cheaper ones on dhgate but they all have leaking issues and don't use US patenteed ccell technology, uses real ccell wickless tech. Here is the link to what i use with a smok smok stick 8 vaporizer only i take off the tip and use the disposable parts, simply the best i have found, then plug in the original top when i want to smoke regular ejuice,

Here is a video of the whole process, hope this help.

a little visual guide to help you. 

new pen and carts, work so good.

Check out this great video

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