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what you will need first before to get dabbing

Your plant material

sugar leaf weed cannabis

You will need your product you want to make dabs out of, be it flower, trim, sugarleaf. For this guide i used 38 grams of final trim sugar leaf.

99% isopropyl alcohol and a container

You will need 99% isopropyl alcohol and a container to shake/agitate the product in, for this guide I used a mason jar.

Hotplate and several strainers

You will need a hotplate and about 3 strainers, including coffee filters to line the strainers. For this guide i used a 6.6 inch, 5.5 inch and a 3.5 inch strainer all used at various points of the straining process.


For this guide I used two bowls to strain into, one large pot to boil the water to needed temp, and a pyrex baking dish that the product will actually be reduced in.

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Step by Step Guide

Step One

The night before you plan to do this process grind up your product and then put it and the iso alcohol into the freezer overnight(separately not mixed together...yet), It being cold will help with the extraction.


Step Two

Take your iso Then pour it through your 6.5 inch strainer with your product in the strainer (no coffee filter needed for this strain).

now Take your non coffee filtered  iso alcohol and pour it into your container, making sure you pour it just a bit over so you completely submerge your product and then some. Now lightly agitate for 1.5 minutes by shaking then filtering into 1 container, then doing the same but for 2.5 minutes and then filtering it into a second container, then do the same for No longer than 3:30 minutes or you risk extracting chlorophyll and other stuff you don't want. Then do a 4th 30 minute wash where you will pull everything, all the thc and waxes and chlorophyll you can skip this step but i actually enjoy this run because it gives the dab a very strong weed taste when added to my dab carts.


Step Three

This is what you end up with after you have shaken and agitated. Now put this into the freezer and grab your strainers and second bowl. 

Video of how i use the freezer and double straining method


This part takes some time. You can go faster by using more strainers and more bowls to strain into

place one coffee filter each into the two strainers, for this guide I use double straining, some people say this isn't important and you can get away with just one strainer. I think it does have an impact as just looking into the second coffee filter you will have particulate in it. I also do the straining inside of the freezer. Other methods don't do this. the cold helps the THC extraction.

Step Four

Pour your double strained product into your pyrex baking dish, for this guide I used a 9x12 dish. Other guides use larger dishes but I find it doesn't really matter if you properly heat your product using the method ill explain in the next steps.

Step Five

After you are done pouring your double filtered product into the pyrex, go back and make sure your coffee filters are drying out, this left over product can be used for topical's mixed with coconut oil. 

how it shoud look while reducing

this is what it should look like just as you start to get going with applying heat to the pyrex double broiler method

Reducing The Product

Step Six, Take That Shit Outside Homie

 Take that shit outside, you are dealing with pure 99% alcohol it is super flamable you should already know that, if you don't you shouldn't be doing this. No flames. This is also why in this guide we use the heat transfer method of reducing the product. otherwise known as double broiling.  

Step Seven

Place your pyrex inside a large pot filled with water, enough to cover up half of the pyrex dish. Bring your temp up to 140F. It is important to keep an even heat. So watch closely

Step Eight

It won't take long for it to reduce quite a bit, When I first get it up to 140F I check back once every 20 minutes, twice. Then it will get to this point and start to reduce very quickly, practically minutes. From this point on you will want to watch for when it's time to turn off the heat. 

Step Nine

Almost done, at this point you can take it off the heat/double broiler.

Step Ten

Now that you are done reducing the product, What i do is bring it inside and put a fan on it and let it set for 24 hours. Afer that. Enjoy, scrape it up. or apply back to heat on with the double broiler method and pull it up in one big slab when the heat makes it more manageable.

Finished product

Off this run through I came out with 2.1 grams of of very dark product because i used very dry trim and when you tend to use very dry product you tend to end up with darker  wax, whatever you want to call it and 5 grams of product used for topical creams getting just under 6% reclaim. This was a good run and is way over the expected 3% people commonly under state you can get from cannabis trim. With using flower for this method you can expect 10% reclaim although i bet that is on the low side if you are using good quality expect a 17% reclaim.  

How to know your close to done.

once you see this stort of bubbling take your dish and hold it and see if anything runs down the dish, if it does, apply a few more minutes of heat. if not it's time to take it off the heat and put a fan on it for 24 hours. 

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