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Expensive doesn't always mean correct, you can cheap dab

What everyone gets wrong about dabbing

The truth is you do not need to risk your health and safety by buying some 30 dollar cheap dab rig from china, or spending at minimum 250 for a "good rig". One of my biggest gripes is how much people get taken for with weed culture. The most money spent doesn't always mean the best way. Here I'm going to show you A 20 dollar method not including the price of the torch. that is superior to dab rigs in a lot of people's opinion's not just mine

Nectar Collectors and dab mat's

Nectar collectors are cheap, basically a glass tube with a sort of chamber at the end that you take your torch and heat until ready costing about $15 USD for 2 collectors, then "dabbing" the red hot end onto your product that you have placed on your dab mat, otherwise known as a silicone mat that you can buy in packs for 3 for $5.

Dab torches

Not much to say other than find yourself a good one. I'm linking below the one i use aswell as the same exact setup I myself use to dab as i have suggested above and in the picture to the right.

need adblocker off to see the amazon links to what i used

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