Dont want to DIY it yourself, email me at Phillip@philsdabcorner.com and ill make it!

turn cannabis ISOHASH concentrates for potency

If you don't want to do DIY's we also offer custom fabrication we will build and ship your custom item. If you don't DIY.

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Check out some links to the guides.

DIY LED Grow Light guide

click here to go to the DIY 4cob 1 driver grow light guide.

Guide to making a grow tent without getting ripped off.

Stop buying "pre built tents" that you actually have to build when they show upin the mail, follow this guide, save yourself 1000 dollars (seriously this cost bout 100 dollars and can make multiple tents)

IsoHash extraction Guide


This guide will help explain in depth,not only instructions, but time, heat measurements, and how to filter correctly

Concentrate/wax to THC E-juice Guide

This guide will teach you from a - z timing, what you will need in terms of supplies, heat measurements, volume per suspension liquid. A very indepth guide to thc e-juice

How to get into dabbing for cheap Guide

In this link it will show you a cheap $20USD setup to get into dabbing, to try out before you go all out and invest $250USD on a nice rig. 

Links to cool pictures I have taken along the way

photo gallery

Click here to see some of my favorite pictures

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My personal favorite activity, scraping a fresh batch.

Check out this video about How to make ISO HASH cannabis concentrates and be on the look out for more !


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